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Minimum Age for Groups Compact, Economy and indermidiate is 23 years old. For the rest groups Minimum Age is 25 years old.


If you cancel your booking, seven (7) or more days  before your arrival , no fees will be charged. Otherwise, no refund will be available. If you don’t show for picking up the car, you will be charged the total amount of your booking.

After pick-up of the car, any cancellation or change from the initial time schedule is not refunded.

The vehicle will be delivered with an exact amount of fuel. The return of the car must be with the same amount of fuel. Otherwise, surcharges will be applied based on the current market price.

During your reservation process, you book a specific car category, not a specific car. We are doing our best to offer the reserved car selected. 

For more information please contact us.

Our Airport guide for your better Service:

It is important to provide us with your flight details, Airline name, and your mobile number. 

When you arrive one of our employees will contact you to meet at the arrivals area. In case you cannot find us or having a delay on luggage collection, you can wait us at “Desk 29” outside the arrivals area, next to the taxi Station. 

Together you will go to our parking Airport office, which is located 1-2 minutes from the arrivals area. Don’t forget a valid driving license and a proof of id, such as passport. 

In case of anything goes wrong please use the numbers below:


We accept payments with Visa and Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Masterpass, PayPal and bank deposits.

When a customer chooses Payment upon arrival must choose one of the following options:

Deposit 30% of the total renting amount    
You can pay with credit card, debit card, or Paypal. Please have your reservation number which is in your reservation confirmation email with you.

In case key is lost, you will be charged 200 euros.


Animals or pets are not allowed inside our cars. You can put them in the car only if you use a protected specific box, like those, which are used in airplanes. We have to respect people with allergies and also protect the hygiene of our cars. 

Damage from pets or animals inside the car must be paid. No insurance package includes that. Cost depending on the damage made. Customers also must pay the cleaning of hair on the seats, which costs 50 €. 

For any other issue, please contact us.

Third Party Insurance:

For any damage, you make to other persons, animals or property. It covers damages to property up to 1.220.000 € and to people up to 1.220.000 € (excluding passengers of rental vehicle).

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):

It protects both the driver and all the passengers for the duration of the rental in the case of a collision.

Fire insurance:

Partial or total damage to the vehicle resulting from the fire.

Theft waiver insurance:

Theft Insurance covers the stolen car; not your stolen personal belongings.

Interior of the car:

Destroying the interior of the car is not covered by any Insurance. Any damage will be covered by the renter.

Damages except for accidents:

When the car is driven on rocks, off-road, on beaches in the sand, water, all damages are covered by the renter. 

Windows insurance:

The insurance covers all the damages for all the windows of the car.

24 hour all road insurance:

Our insurance covers all road assistance everywhere in Crete. 

Legal coverage:

Our insurance covers the cost of a lawyer in case there is a problem with the accident. 

Coverage from uninsured:

The insurance will cover the accident cost in case the car will be damaged from a car which is uninsured. 

We offer to our customers two basic insurance packages:

In both packages we offer all benefits of our insurance package by Allianz, such as: 

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Theft, Fire
  • Windows
  • Under the car
  • Mirrors
  • 24-hour road Assistance.

The difference between the two packages is the payment of the excess. The excess we offer is 500

When an accident occurs, the renter who selected the basic insurance package (without any charge), when an accident occurs, pays only the 500excess. 

In the full insurance package, the renter pays nothing! The excess will be covered by Bluecarental.

You can select our both insurance packages, during the reservation process.

The vehicle can be delivered to any port, airport or main city of Crete. Transportation outside of Crete Island, in-between the islands and the mainland is not allowed.

We have to inform you that a new EU regulation -Law announced about the renting car companies in EU. 

All citizens that belong to non-EU- countries must provide an international driving license. Without it they are not allowed to drive in all EU countries. If the police stops you, they will take your license, and they will withdraw the cars permit to drive. Also big fines will be issued also for the renter, as well as the rental company. 

So when you come to collect the car please have an international driving license. If you do not provide with it, we will not give you the car. No refund will be provided. 

You have additional questions or need further help? Please contact us at