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Terms of Use for Renting a Car


Driving Licence issued at least 1 year before the rental
ID Card or Passport
Drivers Age: Minimum Age: 21 Years Old Maximum Age: 75 Years Old

General Car Hire Terms

Minimum rental period24 hours (One Day)
Rental company has the right in special cases (e.g. last minute rental extension from previous client) to deliver a similar car model of the same Group of rental cars or a car model belonging to a bigger rental car Group for free of charge.
In case the car has to be returned later than initially booked and indicated, the renter should inform in advance the Rental company. An extra fee up to one extra day may apply. Kilometers/Mileage: Unlimited
Fuel: Payable by the renter.
The rental car must be delivered with the same tank level of fuel as when picked up Car Replacement
ln a case of breakdown of the vehicle or an accident, the car will be replaced
Second (2nd) Driver: In additional cost according to the price list
Optional Extras in further charge according to the price list
Roof Bars
Children Seat/Booster
Gps Navigator Device
Crete’s Road Map: Provided with the rental car for free
Traffic Fines-Violations: Traffic & Parking Fines and consequential administration penalties resulting from violations of the driving code are exclusively paid by the renter
(VAT)Value Added Tax. Included in the car rental rates
The insurances are valid and cover you only for the period booked and indicated on the Rental Agreement
Vehicles are not permitted to be taken out of Crete’s island borders

Cancellation policy

For cancelations made 7 days before the pick up date there is no cancellation fee

Insurance and Coverage

Insurance policy : The vehicles will be covered by the type of insurance mention on the rental agreement and the insurance terms and conditions as described on it.The indicative type of insurance that been provided are: Third part liability insurance, Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (C.D.W.), Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.) Insurance against Thieves, Personal Accident Insurance.


In the event of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, loss, etc.), the tenant and / or the authorized driver is obliged within 24 hours to follow the following procedure:

  • Notify the police
  • Collect the names and addresses of eyewitnesses and any person involved in the above incidents.
  • Do not recognize any claims of third parties.
  • Communicate immediately by telephone or by any other means with the rental company.
  • Collect any relevant information from any third party as well as any relevant document or other item (eg photos, etc.) and send them to the rental company.
  • Fill and sign the relevant statement of accident.

Exceptions: Charges for any of the damages written below will be charged directly to the client, the most important are the following: Antenna, trays, damage to car lock, loss or damage to keys, windshield wipers, interior of the car, spare key and car jack, hubcap, lights, gas cap, damages to the roof, damages caused by roof rack and any luggage on it, extreme dirtiness in a car, personal belongings in a rented car, damage to child seats and baby seats, lack of electricity .fiobecause of forgotten turned on electrical devices, loss of car ‘documents, loss of registration plate. The car rental company, in any case, is not obligated to replace a flat tyre or damages in music devices (radio, CD/mp3 player, etc.).

Exceptions to Insurance Coverage:

For anything that happens while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs For anything that happens while driving on unauthorized roads without blacktop For accidents caused by a driver who has not been declared in the rental agreement For damages caused due to violation of Greek traffic law and regulations

IMPORTANT: In case of an accident you must immediately inform the rental agency and the nearest police station